How To Run The .22 LR AR Conversion Kit In Your DISSENT

Visiting the range may not be as painful on the wallet as it was just a few short years ago, but regardless, even the cheapest 5.56mm or 5.7x28mm ammo doesn't come close to the pennies per shot cost of .22 LR. If you own a CMMG® .22 Conversion Kit then you know just how easy it is to make your 5.56mm AR15 a cost effective plinking machine. But what if you've embraced the Compact Action goodness of the DISSENT®? Sure the conversion kit may fit no problem, but with the forward side charger how would you charge the firearm?

Rather than "fix" something that isn't broken, aka redesign the .22 LR Conversion Kit, we've instead come up with a simple adapter that allows you to use the conversion kit and 5.56mm or 5.7x28mm DISSENT you already have!

Quick note for 5.7x28mm DISSENT owners. CMMG offers two different .22 LR conversion kits with different chamber adapters. There's the standard conversion kit with the 5.56mm chamber adapter and the Mk57 .22 LR Conversion Kit with a 5.7x28mm cartridge shaped adapter on the .22 conversion kit. If you have a 5.7x28mm DISSENT, you must have a Mk4 lower receiver NOT the Mk57 lower since the .22 LR magazine is made to fit standard AR15/Mk4 pattern magwells.



How To

  1. Remove the Compact Action BCG from your 5.56mm or 5.7x28mm DISSENT upper.
    22dissent bcg remove
  2. Insert DISSENT .22 LR Adapter into the upper receiver. The CMMG logo should be on top with the arrows pointing towards the muzzle and the small adapter tang on the bottom.
    22dissent adapter top22dissentadapter side
  3. Insert the corresponding caliber .22 AR Conversion Kit into the upper, making sure the chamber adapter on the conversion bolt is seated into the chamber.
    22dissent_22arc insert
  4. Close upper and lower receivers together and lock the takedown pin.
  5. Done! Now you have a .22LR DISSENT! Time to hit the range and plink (or mag dump) to your heart's content.


Don't have a .22 LR AR Conversion Kit yet? Find the one you need below.

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