A New Personal Defense Platform For DISSENT

In mid-2022 the DISSENT line was released to the world. Forgoing the need for a buffer tube, the entire action, and operating assembly is housed in the upper receiver. By creating a bufferless AR platform, CMMG® eliminated the need for pistol braces, found on many popular AR pistols like our BANSHEE™ lineup, that have been under scrutiny by the ATF  with rules and regulations that have changed often and are expected to change yet again.

One of the original offerings in the DISSENT lineup was the 5.7x28mm built on the Mk4 platform that uses our 5.7 Conversion Magazines. Although the Mk4/AR15 platform is extremely popular and compatible with most of the calibers we offer, we know that being able to share magazines between handguns and PDWs is a hot request; and for 5.7 we've got it covered. The DISSENT is now available on the Mk57 platform, and just like the Mk57 BANSHEE and RESOLUTE®, accepts FN®* Five-seveN®* style magazines.





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