What You Need to Know About CMMGs Mk3 Platform

The CMMG Mk3 is the company’s AR10-sized platform. With the variations that are possible with this platform, we wanted to be sure to explain what CMMG has to offer. Let us look at an overview of the Mk3 versions that are available from CMMG. 
CMMG produces the Mk3 in the LR308/DPMS high-pattern style. The high pattern is certainly the most common, but there are other variations which are not compatible. The advantages of this pattern are the ability to use common magazines, and the availability of a much larger assortment of parts and accessories. 
The CMMG Mk3 is available in two calibers and three models. Our ENDEAVOR is our long-range precision model and is available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester. The ENDEAVOR is available in all three series, with differences in furniture, finish, triggers, barrel length and barrel contour. A 20” medium taper barrel is used on the 100 and 200 series and a 24” heavy taper barrel with the 300 series.  
Our RESOLUTE and BANSHEE models are available only in .308 Winchester. RESOLUTE models include 16.1” carbine medium taper barrel lengths available in all three series. BANSHEE models feature 12.5” medium taper barrels in either pistol or NFA configurations and are available in 100 and 200 series. Each of the series offer trigger, furniture and finish differences to meet any need.  
For those that would like to construct their own, CMMG offers multiple choices as well. Items are available from complete or stripped upper and lower receiver assemblies, to barrels and small parts needed to complete a build. Many parts offer multiple choices to allow personalization of any creation. 
Visit CMMG.com or your local dealer to find a complete list of what we have to offer.    
Please return to our resources page, as all CMMG platforms will be covered. We hope to curtail any confusion between and within all our platforms.
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