Are the CMMG MkG and the Mk10 Platforms Compatible?

In 2017, CMMG® had a tremendous response when the radical new Radial Delayed Blowback™ system was released in the MkG-45™ GUARD, which is now the MkG™. The success of the MkG-45 had customers clamoring for more calibers, with 10mm among the top requests. CMMG listened, and now offers an array of Radial Delayed Blowback models including the Mk10™ 10mm. There have been many questions about compatibility between the MkG and Mk10, so we would like to answer those questions here.  
A quick glance would lead one to believe since the MkG and Mk10 platforms use large frame Glock® magazines and look the same, internal components and operation would be the same as well. While the looks are quite similar, there were multiple changes that needed to take place to be sure each caliber could operate trouble-free. These modifications do not lend themselves to compatible operation with another caliber.  
A very quick overview of differences would include different magazine ceiling heights, bolt faces, spring rates, buffer weights, and differences on the bolt chamfers for the Radial Delayed Blowback system. The differences between the big, slow .45 ACP and the large range of loadings that is 10mm are just too great to overcome. Unfortunately, due to the differences discussed, MkG and Mk10 uppers will not interchange. 
CMMG offers a variety of choices in either platform. The MkG and Mk10 are available in eight BANSHEE™ offerings, with the MkG also presented in three RESOLUTE® models. Depending on the series, an MkG BANSHEE will have either a 5” or 8” barrel, and MkG RESOLUTE models all wear a 16.1” barrel. Mk10 BANSHEE offerings feature an 8” barrel throughout the entire lineup. 
As is shown, there should be a CMMG BANSHEE or RESOLUTE to fit most any need. Pick the MkG if a .45 ACP is needed, the Mk10 if 10mm is desired, or both if you are like most of us. However, those that do decide on both calibers, be aware the platforms will not interchange.
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